Wednesday, May 28, 2008

pushing myself

as of late I have been busy with everything but oils or pastels. I have been doing some drawing. Today I went out plein air and since I had little time, I decided on a WC. I suppose someone out there may understand, but i have had this need to push myself beyond my comfort zone. WC has always been hard for me cause I end up with using too much water and end up with weak tints. And drawing, I never really explored the medium in college classes in drawing. It was mostly capturing gesture and the wackiest thing you could do, the instructor was pleased with. They were mostly into abstract and I don't lean that way. Someday I will have to post the pictures that really got his attention and at least some acknowledgment. It was a painting that ended up in an art show. My daughter now owns it. But the idea was the same pushing out of my comfort zone produced good results. The trouble is it was a figure, and I can't say it was the best figure, but it was the idea of a theme that pleased him. Any watercolor painters out there, I would really appreciate some tips,(serious tips) to improve myself. I find I'm just not satisfied these days with the mundane and the same old thing. IDK, maybe its growing pains, but I'm really kind of I really don't know what I'm kind of! LOL. I guess this really belongs in a private diary of some kind, but I'm putting it out there. Maybe someone else feels like me and we can share the growing pains together or whatever it is.

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