Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well yesterday was the first nice day in a while. It was supposed to get into the 60's. It was 48 when I set out to paint as it was sunny, I was so itching to get out and do something. Now I only had a short period of time as I had to get home to make a cake(german apple cake for Zacks diversity night). I also had to babysit the kids so I was under the gun. I can say it was practice and stretching my itchy fingers, but it did not turn out to be a good picture. Poor planning and maybe too much desperation that I just kinda didn't do a job that pleased me. I went to Michael's arts and craft store on Sunday. Now I like the store but I picked up a pack of bristle brushes that were only $4.99. Well you get what you pay for. The hairs were trying to come out all over and I was constantly picking stay hairs out. I usually tell people I see in Michaels looking for art stuff to pick the best they can afford. I should follow my own advice. I knew I was under a time pressure so I was careless in planning the position of the shed. Now what do I say about desperation? When does desperation get you into trouble? If you're too desperate to work things out, plan. prepare and make good decisions. Well it was a good exercise, but most disappointed at the outcome. I wonder if Rembrandt had those days. I suppose he did.

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Karen said...

I do agree with you there, I get days just like that, I know that sometimes the feel of the view or thing you want to paint gets you desperate to put paint or pencil to paper. I do agree also that may be Rembrandt had days like this and had days like this when a painting didn't quite right.