Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Well I did start this picture last week, but have been busy. I have been puddling around with it this morning. I don't know how I manage it but it always seems that I get the center of interest in the center of the picture. Not sure how I do it. The planning is there but I go and with enthusiasm start painting I just go ahead and do it every time. But in self defense, I am happy that I managed to handle water that has always been an issue with me as I mentioned in the previous post. I love the M.Graham paints by the way!!!!!!


Karen said...

This is a wonderful painting, I love the waves, and how the spray explodes from it. I only wish I could be this good.

kamourianking said...

Beautiful painting, Cora! And I agree with karen, I wish I could be that good lol

Erika said...

i love it! it leaves me with no word...exellent!
with admiration