Friday, May 8, 2009

its spring

I can finally say its spring and plein air is in the air, lol. Usually I know when painting time is here as it is tick time also. I pulled my first one off today. One time I was out painting, I came home and pulled off, if I remember right, 7 ticks. I went out with my husband to dinner that evening, and pulled off a couple more. Now thank GOD I havent had Lyme disease. I wonder if its just a matter of time. Well it wont stop me painting. One picture I did was a wc which I have to say I didnt do bad at. I was out this morning working on an oil painting which still needs some work but since I have to shove off to work myself the finishing touches will be for another day. It was just about 45 minutes of work but I WAS OUT in the air and sunshine so I am happy just for that!!!!!!

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Karen said...

Well, to me summer is here now that your out painting, and at least I have beaten you to get out painting. I can only look forward to your arrival here when we can get out together painting the sights of Hampshire. I love the paintings you have done, can see summer in them. Thanks for sharing with us.