Wednesday, November 5, 2008

new watercolor wednesday.

I was a little down today and really needed to get out alone and just plug in my zen and just capture anything. LOL it was water color Wednesday. So it was nothing ventured nothing gained. The weather was too chancy to try to drag out the oils or pastels anyway. I am pleased with todays result. Overcast autumn skies trees and the lone church steeple jutting up into the whole mix. Almost like its standing up against the storms of life.


worshipjesuschrist said...

Aw, love you, Cora, and praying for you is kinda rainy and bleak out today, but the "SON" is still shining in our hearts :)p

kamourianking said...

It is a beautiful painting. I will hope o have a watercolor done for this coming Wednesday.

Karen said...

I am always in awe at the work you do, you are a great inspiration to, thanks