Wednesday, November 26, 2008

watercolor wednesdays

I was talking to Karen and I wondered why I seem to do so much better on little pictures then larger ones. I suppose because the image is small that composition has to be short and to the point instead of getting lost in the large picture and adding too much just to fill space. Simplify. I recently heard a statement to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak. It certainly works in 4x6 inch cards. Now if i can only take that to the larger areas.


worshipjesuschrist said...

i like the one in the upper left corner! You and yours have a blessed and happy thanksgiving! luv to all, :)p

kamourianking said...

They are amazing Cora. And I agree with you, I find it easier to paint on smaller paper.

Karen said...

Hi Cora, how true this is, I went through a phase of wanting to paint big, but that made me lose my confidence in watercolour, now I want to get back in to it by painting small. I have had an artistic block the last few days, but today, well, I feel like working on a painting or drawing.