Wednesday, December 10, 2008

well its Wednesday. Not sure if those of you that know me are aware of the fact that I have been known to paint individual Christmas cards for each of our friends on card list. Time has tended to get away from me over the past few years. One year i painted Christmas ornaments for friends. Another year my card was angels that I crafted and sewed for each one. Last year the card was not as elaborate as we were involved with illness and death in the family. In fact I drew my card at the hospital bedside. Well I have been practicing my wc by doing my cards again. Some I like and some I don't so I may just print those that I do like and mass produce them. Time is running short for sure. 10 days till Christmas and I don't have the cards ready. But here are a few. i would be honored if you like an image and want to print it up for your friends, that's what Christmas is about, sharing the love of the season.

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