Friday, February 27, 2009

new ol paints

I recently ordered some paints from Dick Blick. I needed some new whites, yellow and a few blues. If you follow my blog the last painting of seascape posted was done with new paints I ordered. I really like Maimeri, but it is very expensive. So considering the current economy I did some research and came up with an artist who has gone into the production of paint making. I can say I am really pleased with the texture and flow of the product. The seascape was done with titanium white, turquoise, manganese blue and cad yellow. The only substitute from the Graham line lineup was Maimeri primary red. I have so many red colors that I really didn't need to buy any, but I can almost wish I did buy some Graham reds. The link is I do so recommend them highly for the colors and flow of the paint. So in essence I feel like I supported an artist instead of a corporation. That made me feel good and I am so glad I made that choice.

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Karen said...

Hi Cora,
Good on ya, it is nice to support artists who make there own paints, they are the ones who know what is what when it comes to paint. I would use this kind but being new like to stick to good old winsor and newton.