Tuesday, January 27, 2009

autumn scene

This is a picture I have been working on if you followed the previous posts. I think I am pleased how it looks. Have to live with it for a while to see. Photographing it is hard as it is a 11x14 canvas done of a picture I took and photo stitched for a panoramic view. The second picture I think you can guess is my artist buddy. She used to follow me to the field when I would wander around the property for inspiration. She is getting slower so she doesn't get around much. I have never been able to take her out in the car when I went to paint as she gets car sick. Shame really but oh well.


kamourianking said...

Your painting looks amazing Cora! The colors are beautiful.

Erika said...

oh my,
that's amazing, really just "autumn", incredible colours and a really cute assissant!

Karen said...

Well, wonderful, awesome, inspiring, can't think of any more for good, as good just doesn't quite cover it. I love the autumn colours, I wish mine had been like that.