Wednesday, January 21, 2009


several years ago I took a photo class at the local college. It was black and white photography. I took an image of my grandson that I have been wanting to draw. I have gotten in to drawing more lately. If you had access to my blog you would see the wwe wrestlers I have been drawing for my younger grandson. Well I am working on it and I think this looks like him which is haha new for me.


Karen said...

Hi Cora,
Wow this is so cool, it is very well done, I like how you have done the shading of it, it certainly looks like Zak, how did you get him to sit still for a photo lol.

Erika said...

hey! that's wonderful as usual ...i don't know how zak looks like but sure that picture had some life in it!!
a kiss

worshipjesuschrist said...

Yes, I think it does look like have captured him on paper...very good! :)p