Sunday, January 4, 2009

who is holding your hand

I had the urge to draw hands today, why I don't know. I had that commercial "whats in your wallet". Well it kinda got to be the thought of who's holding your hand. Its very difficult to take a thought in your head and reproduce in pictures. You have to find just the right angle and images that will work into what you want. I have an online drawing friend Amanda who is absolutely fabulous at drawing. I should take some lessons from her. But the practice is what its all about. I do wish I had taken the image to the edge of the paper. You can see from the pencil on the paper the approximate size it is. Oh well lessons learned. I still have some shading to do, but before the light got any dimmer in the house I figured I would get a picture. I really cannot get a good picture with the flash as it ends up with an orange glow.

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kamourianking said...

It's really good. Hands are beautiful and so expressive. I love drawing them..and yet they are so hard to draw.
I think the size of this drawing is just right.