Thursday, January 8, 2009

well the posting is working

I was trying to post my picture yesterday, but blogger wouldnt work. The first 2 pictures in this post is Dylan's. He was commenting about how I draw so good and he cant. I told him that it takes a lot of time and practice, and to keep on working. He started drawing every picture he could. He is only 6 so not bad for his age I think. The last picture is an oil I started for an online artists website I belong to. Its based on the monthly challenge.


Karen said...

Hi Cora, I love how the oil now its finished, I wish my watercolours would work out better, mind they are a lot better than my pastel paintings are at the moment. I loved Dylan's work, that's why I am working hard on it, I know one thing, I sure do have sore finger tips today. Thanks Cora keep on inspiring me.

kamourianking said...

Aw Dylan's work is so cute. If he keeps drawing everyday he will get really good before you know it.
Your oil painting is looking amazing Cora.