Monday, February 16, 2009

coming and going

Ok so where do I begin. The first picture is Dylan's copy of my painting. If you follow my other blog, you know that he is so wanting to paint like me. He is only 6 but I think he draws pretty well for his age. He gets frustrated because he cant do it like me. It doesn't help when I tell him it has taken years for me. The last picture was initially my finished product, but if you click on it and look closely at the left side the treeline made a boring hump in the picture. I softened the edge, blending it into the sky for a little more irregularity in the line so it became less of an eye sore for me at least. This was the view from my porch on a rather cloudy morning.

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kamourianking said...

That is so cute. If he has the passion to draw, than when he gets older he will be an amazing artist like you. He's a kid, and kids really have no patience, but once he gets older he will slow down and can paint.
Just let him doodle now and your imagination is the best gift to have.